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Nothing is not spinning.

Tunnel vision.

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12:48 am, by mrnewton,

So goddamn awesome. 

11:04 pm, by mrnewton,

and now I can’t sleep.

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3:00 am, by mrnewton,

Duck, You Sucker! soundtrack - vinyl
Twin Peaks soundtrack - cd
Good Arrows - cd
The Runners Four - cd 
The Years - cd
Slanted and Enchanted - cd 

I love cheap bookstores. 

12:50 am, by mrnewton,

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2:55 am, by mrnewton,

Nobody gives a shit, and so maybe I won’t either.

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2:32 am, by mrnewton,

Ugh, I’m really bored…

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12:54 am, by mrnewton,

Somebody misplaced their shed in my yard.

1:17 pm, by mrnewton,

Maybe it’s time to back off for a bit.

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10:39 pm, by mrnewton,

I will be using today as a platform to express my contempt for this country. 

God Bless America!

3:29 pm, by mrnewton,